Best Yoga Apps to Help You Practice at Home

Looking for a way to improve your yoga practice at home or on the go? With a yoga app, you can access hundreds of classes, poses, educational content, and motivation from your smartphone, tablet, or other electronic devices. These apps are designed for all fitness levels and yoga abilities. While some apps target advanced yogis, most have basic content and introductory programs appropriate for someone new to the practice.

Now, without further ado, here are the best yoga apps to check out, curated by real money pokies.

  1. The Underbelly App

The brainchild of yoga teacher, author, and SELF columnist Jessamyn Stanley, the Underbelly offers inclusive, accessible classes ranging in focus from breath work and essential postures to grounding sequences to fast-paced postures and more. As Stanley puts it, the Underbelly is “a home for wellness misfits who may feel displaced, discouraged, or overlooked due to a lack of diversity in the health and fitness community.” New classes drop every Monday, so your practice can stay fresh. Try it out with a two-week free trial. (iOS and Android, $9.99/month)

  1. YogaWorks

Sometimes you just want that live-class vibe, even if you’re unfurling your mat in your living room. YogaWorks delivers that experience with more than 30 daily livestream classes covering a variety of levels and yoga styles—from therapeutic yoga for all levels to more advanced vinyasa flow to YogaWorks signature classes, which combine alignment, breath work, and movement. On top of all that, the app offers over 1,300 on-demand classes, so your chances of getting stuck in a yoga rut are virtually nil. Try it out with a two-week free trial. (Android, $19/month for on-demand classes; $49/month for live and on-demand classes)

  1. Yoga for Everyone With Dianne

Yoga for Everyone is all about body-positive and accessible yoga. Created by instructor Dianne Bondy, this app takes an inclusive approach to yoga, striving to make it a practice that anyone can do no matter their shape, size, or ability. Classes range in both style (think vinyasa, slow flow, and chair yoga) and length (5 to 60 minutes). Learn how to use props and adapt poses to fit your body, and expect exactly zero diet talk or body shame along the way. Try it out with a two-week free trial. (iOS or Android, $15/month)

  1. Alo Moves

Created by the ultra-popular apparel brand Alo Yoga, the Alo Moves app offers more than 2,500 video classes from big-name instructors, including Dylan Werner, Briohny Smyth, and Ashley Galvin. Classes range in ability level from beginner to advanced and cover more than 20 different styles of yoga—from vinyasa, hatha, and ashtanga to restorative, kundalini, and more. Oh, and if you’re looking to perfect a certain skill—say, a handstand, the splits, or arm balances—they have series for that too. Try it out with a two-week free trial. (iOS and Android, $20/month). Or you can just opt to play games at best real money online casinos.

  1. Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is a yoga-fitness hybrid app offering more than 100 workouts designed by yoga and fitness experts. Content ranges from strength workouts to yoga flows to meditation sequences and even calming playlists to help you sleep. Another cool feature? In the app, you can input your health and fitness goals and browse classes and programs that line up with your objectives. You can also sort classes by time and intensity, making it simple to find a workout that fits your schedule, mood, and energy level. (iOS and Android, free or $16/month for subscription option)

  1. YogaGlo

Whether you only have two minutes or want to flow for an hour and a half, YogaGlo has classes for you. This app is big on variety in every sense, including class length, yes, but also ability level and workout style. Choose from daily live classes and more than 5,000 on-demand options ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced. Programs cover 16 categories—from vinyasa, hatha, kundalini, yin, and Iyengar yoga, to barre, Pilates, cardio, strength, HIIT, and more—so there’s really something for everyone. Try it out with a seven-day free trial. (iOS and Android, $18/month)

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