Rehabilitation centers: training, prevention campaigns, awareness

Due to the strong problem that addictions represent in our country and the world; Rehabilitation Centers, such as  Juamai, have taken up the fight with different treatment models and strategies. Who seek the rehabilitation of their patients in an integral way and supported by the disciplines that we have today.

Juamai is a rehabilitation center specializing in the rehabilitation of addictions such as drug addiction and alcoholism. However, to understand how these  rehabilitation centers  can help you, or your family member,  we must first understand the problem:

What Is Drug Addiction?

Juamai is a rehabilitation center

Although there are currently countless training, prevention campaigns, awareness, etc.; there are still many people around us who do not understand why people become addicted to alcohol, drugs, etc. They even mistakenly believe that these people consume alcohol or drugs for lack of moral principles; and that, in addition, they should be able to stop using, simply by deciding to stop.

Actually, drug addiction is a disease. A complex and multifaceted disease, so to stop consuming what they are addicted to, it takes more than just willpower or good intentions.

Addiction to alcohol and/or drugs is a chronic disease that is related to dependence on substances that harm the central nervous system and brain functions. They produce alterations in behavior, perception, judgment, and emotions. These alterations can lead to dangerous behaviors, which we see in people with this disease.

Why Is It Showing Up?

For most people who use drugs, the initial decision to use drugs is voluntary, but repeated use can have consequences in the brain; so they will gradually become dependent on that substance.

Many times, this decision comes from the desire to change something in the person’s life. Some of the reasons young people have expressed are:

  • adapt to the environment,
  • escape or relax,
  • dispel boredom,
  • look older,
  • To rebel,
  • To experience.

How Is It Treated?

Drug addiction is treatable and can be successfully managed; but its treatment must be based on a comprehensive rehabilitation program, treating the problem medically, psychologically, therapeutically, spiritually, etc.

Rehabilitation specialists must discover the cause of the addiction because most of the time the problem lies not in the consumption itself, but in a cause that led to the consumption.

Juamai, One Of The Best Rehabilitation Centers

Juamai is one of the best rehabilitation centers, specializing in the rehabilitation of addictions such as drug addiction and alcoholism. In our rehabilitation center, we have an avant-garde model whose results are verified by our patients ( testimonials ). To do this, our team has specialists in different disciplines, such as psychology, medicine, counseling, etc.

Our center has services such as physiotherapy as a form of detoxification, sports activities, ionic detoxification, laboratory analysis, food prepared by a chef, counselor, and psychologist for therapeutic support, among others.

All this would not be possible without the adequate facilities for appropriate rehabilitation and, in Juamai, we have them. Learn more about us.

Juamai’s philosophy and work are based on Care, Respect, and Hope. We make it possible for you or your relative, a space-time that allows you to meet again and rehabilitate yourself. Become your own master again and leave behind that “life” of consumption that you have led up to now and that consumes you and your loved ones.

Our Treatment

We not only treat those who have an addiction problem. We also receive those who have alterations in their behavior. Addictions are a process that evolves and changes in behavior are a clear indicator that the person needs help.

Unfortunately, having good intentions is not enough to help that person get out of his condition. You need help from health professionals to help your loved one get back on track. With the proper treatment, at the Juamai rehabilitation center, with the help of professionals and your support, we can help your loved one get ahead.

Every addiction problem comes from a deep emotional wound. Treating a consumption problem is not easy. It requires a group of professionals working together to be able to locate the root that generates the problem.

At Juamai we have specialist doctors, therapists, and psychologists to create a personalized treatment for each patient, thus achieving a comprehensive recovery.

Don’t wait any longer, take the first step and get in touch with us. Together we can find the solution in Juamai, a rehabilitation center.

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