Six trekking tips for beginner

Trekking is a pleasant, fun, and also challenging activity. There are many things to keep in mind to make the hike perfect!

Walking through the mountains or the forest, what is called ” trekking “, is a pleasant and very fun activity. Many choose it as a complement to their training, and others, as a plan to do with family or friends.

Autumn and spring are usually the best times to practice this sport. Therefore, if you plan to start soon, we recommend that you pay attention to certain tips so as not to miss any detail.

The best tips for trekking

In order to minimize the risks, which are few but it is always good to reduce them even more, and be well prepared to enjoy the activity, take a look at the following tips for trekking

Organize The Route In Advance

Essential trekking tips

Perhaps when you have a little more experience you can launch into the adventure without too much planning. However, even the most experienced people say that they need to plan before going trekking.

What do we mean by planning? For example, so that you know the route you will take, that you have a road map and that you have the necessary documentation to enter certain places such as reserves or natural parks. Although there may be unforeseen events and last-minute changes, you must be well prepared.

Get The Necessary Material For Trekking

You may have seen people trekking with backpacks and a lot of stuff. It may seem like overkill, but depending on where you’re going, you’ll need them.

Take into account some variables such as the weather (if it will rain, it will be cold, hot); altitude (the higher the altitude, the colder and windier); the duration of the tour (and based on that, the food and drink).

Do Not Load The Backpack Too Much

Just in relation to the above, you must be careful not to overload the backpack because then you will have to carry it all the time. However, you should not go to the other extreme of not wearing anything and it starts to rain and you get totally wet because you do not have a raincoat.

A basic rule within the advice for trekking is that the backpack cannot weigh more than 20% of the body weight. For example, a 60-kilogram woman will carry a maximum 12-kilogram backpack.

Remember To Bring Food And Drink

Hydration is essential when we go trekking, regardless of the distance or the route we do. And to the liquid, we must add some food that gives us the energy we need.

It is often believed that walking requires less physical effort than running or doing a cardio sport, but the reality is that we also need to recharge our batteries. Cereal bars, fruit, and water are basics that cannot be missing in the backpack.

Wear Suitable Clothing For Trekking

One of the first tips for trekking in terms of clothing is to wear clothes in the best “onion” style, that is, in layers. It may be cold at the beginning of the day, but later, at noon and with the body in motion, you feel like taking off your clothes. Therefore, this system is ideal.

In addition, we recommend that you wear comfortable and suitable footwear for trekking, that you do not forget sunglasses and a hat, and, of course, that you use an adequate protection factor. Don’t be fooled if the day is cloudy, as you can also burn your face, hands, or neck. Finally, if you will be in a humid area, consider bringing mosquito repellant.

Be Aware Of Your Own Limits

Perhaps you are very interested in trekking and you want to go out on a trail of several kilometers. However, be very careful with this eagerness to walk in one go. Halfway through the route, you may feel very tired and the body begins to “take its toll”, as they say.

Make the breaks or stops that you need, not just the “obligatory” ones of some panoramic point, some logs as seats, or a mark on the road. Listen to your body and do not continue if you feel any cramps or overexertion in the muscles.

Finally, another of the tips for trekking has to do with the after: do not forget to rest well, hydrate yourself and eat properly when you return and the following days. This way you will avoid pain or discomfort!

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