Tips for choosing a baby walker

When can you start using a tactic? How should you do it safely?

At last, your tadpole is ready to explore the world. Although his motor skills have progressed a lot, he is not yet ready to take his first steps. If you are going to buy him a walker, follow these tips.

To help their little one go out to discover the world and accompany their first steps, some parents buy a walker. From what age can it be used? How to choose the right model? Follow these tips.

From What Age?

Baby walker advantages

Early childhood specialists advise against the use of a walker – or for some tactics – before 8 months. At this age, the child feels inclined to launch into new experiences. He already has enough motor skills to start exploring his environment on his own. Before, the lower limbs of the baby are not sufficiently muscular or developed to properly support the weight of the body.

Installing a child in a walker too early can have serious consequences on their growth. That is why the walker is the subject of controversy from time to time. But if used at the right time, the tactics really help to walk and stimulate the child’s autonomy.

Look At Those Wheels

If your baby’s walker doesn’t have good wheels, then it’s just not worth it. Check not only the material they are made of but also if they rotate completely 360 degrees and have a brake system to lock the position if necessary.

On the other hand, there are non-slip wheels that come in handy so that the walker does not get out of control on slippery floors. Something that is ideal to avoid falls and small accidents at home or anywhere. Also, if you want something that doesn’t make noise, there’s nothing like silicone wheels. Silent and safe.

Security Criteria

Before buying it, it is essential to check if it complies with the European standard EN 1273:2005 for rollators. But you have to control other aspects to guarantee the safety of your little one.

To begin with, the walker should have a wide base to absorb shocks against the different obstacles that the baby will encounter along the way. You also have to check if the chosen model has non-slip skates and a system that allows you to slow down the speed of the walker has wheels.

These two devices are essential for the child to be able to move alone, although always under the supervision of an adult.

The Different Models

We already know that children tend to tire of toys quickly. To attract their interest for as long as possible and thus make the purchase profitable, choose a walker with integrated simulation games. Musical accessories, colorful objects, and other light activities will distract your little one when he is installed in his playpen.

The evolutionary models are also interesting, because they adapt to the child, mainly thanks to the adjustable seat height.

Standing, walking, pushing… The walker also accompanies the baby throughout its motor development. Do not forget to check the comfort of the model, since your child will spend a lot of time in it. The seat must be soft enough and the crotch device must be adjustable. But above all, remember: children should not spend too much time on the walker.

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