Tips for cleaning and maintaining the shine of furniture

Over time, furniture loses its essence and, if not properly maintained, can lose its shine. Lacquered furniture is very elegant. Its high-gloss finish keeps furniture attractive and looking like new.

However, it is vulnerable to damage such as dents, scratches, and wear. If it is not well maintained and cleaned, problems can arise. On the other hand, we usually use chemicals and disinfectants on our wooden furniture that, over time, look dull, dull, and dull.

Here are some tips so you know how to maintain the shine of your lacquered furniture.

How to clean and shine furniture

If you are looking for home remedies to polish the furniture in your house, you are in luck! In this post, we are going to give you some tricks that will be of great help to properly maintain your furniture.

Dry Furniture

Furniture cleaning tips

It is important to keep the furniture dry all the time. You may use some of your furniture for cooking, leave vases of flowers with water, or other types of items that can wet the surface. The first measure to prevent water from reaching the furniture is to put a protective decorative tablecloth.

However, these drops can settle on the wood, leaving stains that are difficult to remove. As soon as you detect that there is water, dry the furniture immediately. Otherwise, your modern furniture could be affected.

Soap And Water

To clean the furniture the best way is with warm water and mild soap to maintain the shine. To do this, mix a special soap for cleaning furniture in half a liter of water. Wet a cloth and squeeze it so that it does not leave traces of water, that is, the cloth must be damp and not soaked. Clean lacquered furniture in one direction (end to end). Do not clean with circular movements.

Once this step is done, take another clean and dry cloth to remove any excess water that may have remained. It is important that the products you use do not contain ammonia or bleach, as they could damage your home furniture.

Protect The Finish

The Achilles heel of lacquered furniture is that it can be easily damaged. Therefore, the decorative elements that you place on top of these pieces of furniture should not be dragged. Similarly, you have to avoid leaving heavy objects that can be knocked over, especially if you have children at home. A little advice to avoid this is to use rubber adhesives or other material that are placed in the lower part and that serves so that the furniture is not scratched.

Clean The Dust

To keep your home furniture in perfect condition, it is recommended to dust frequently. This accumulates and makes our furniture not look as bright as it deserves. Also, if your furniture is lacquered, it accumulates more easily than non-lacquered ones. Dusting will prevent the buildup of grime, which can be difficult to remove once it builds up. It will also keep the shine on your furniture. Dusting all your furniture will only take a few minutes.

Today, you can find a wide range of quality products on the market that will prevent dust from accumulating so easily, maintaining the necessary care so that they are not damaged or spoiled over time.

If you like lacquered furniture, think no more. This type of furniture is always ideal to have in any home as well as in offices. Modern furniture offers a wide variety of lacquered furniture that is made in exquisite styles and designs to suit all your needs and requirements.

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