What is Sat Kriya good for?

Sat Kriya is a fundamental Kriya of Kundalini Yoga, aimed directly at stimulating the awakening of the Kundalini energy. Its practice alone is said to contain almost all the benefits of Kundalini Yoga. It is one of the most effective kriyas for repairing and reversing damage to the entire body through energy circulation, which helps clear the mind and heart. It is a true internal purification.

What is Sat Kriya good for?

The breathing technique and the posture that forms the basis for the practice of Sat Kriya, should be done regularly on an empty stomach, in the morning, for at least 3 minutes each day when it is beginning. However, it is possible to perform this technique in yoga classes at different times of the day.

Sat Kriya can be performed individually. All the meditations of most kriyas are performed. During the practice, the mantra SAT NAM should be chanted.

The continuous movement of “contracting and releasing” the abdomen creates a powerful pump for the Kundalini energy. On the physical level, when Sat Kriya is done properly, this release gives the body the necessary energy to carry out a comprehensive regeneration of each organ and cell. On the other hand, Sat Kriya has a lot of field of influence is at the energetic level.

How to practice Sat Kriya?

The way to perform Sat Kriya is as follows:

Sitting on the heels, placing some cushions to support the knees.

Lay your back completely straight.

The arms should be extended in the air, passing the elbows behind the ears straight so that the energy flows completely.

The chest should be out.

Join the palms and interlock all the fingers, except the index fingers of each hand, which must remain one against the other, extended towards the sky.

In that position, inhale, making a contraction of the navel in and up against the spine, powerfully changing the SAT out loud from the center of the navel until you feel pressure in the third chakra.

During the exhalation, relax the abdomen and recite the “NAM” this time, the voice should be softer and more relaxed.

Beginners should repeat this sequence for three minutes and maintain a moderate and steady pace.

Meanwhile, the spine remains straight and the only movement made by the arms is a slight up and down the stretch in each “SAT NAM.”

Rhythmic contractions and relaxations produce waves that flow, energize and heal the body.

Stand firmly on your heels during Sat Kriya’s movements.

It is important to ensure the correct opening of the thorax and a slight inclination of the chin to stretch the neck.

Concentration is focused on the third eye.

To finish, take a deep breath and hold it. Practice the root lock (mulbhand: contract the anus and sexual organs). Contract the pelvis, lifting the diaphragm and bringing the navel inward, closing the chin.

Stand for 8 to 10 seconds, depending on the capacity.

Repeat this sequence: inhale deeply, hold, squeeze, and exhale.

Finally, lie on your back in a relaxed position with your arms at your sides and your palms up.

The execution time varies. To begin to understand the exercise, it is good to practice with a minute. Then for the constant practice of beginners, you can start with three minutes in 40 days, during which time the habit is created and strengthening is achieved. Then gradually increase the time to 7, 11, 22, 31 in 90 days and a maximum of 62 minutes and 120 days. In case of failure on one of the days, the exercise must be started again from 7 minutes to completion of 62.

Experts say that by reaching 120 days of practice with 62 minutes continuously, mastery is achieved.


A constant question that comes up within groups as frustration is “When to inhale?” The answer is simple. Let the inhalation come naturally into the “release and squeeze” rhythm. This practice is not a deep breathing exercise. You have to let the breath come naturally.

As Sat Kriya, it is a process that works on all levels of being, both known and unknown. Many claims to be better able to respond to their subtlety and in their entirety.

The experience of practicing this exercise teaches us that with patience, consistency and moderation, the result is guaranteed. Those who have very little time and wish to have an effective practice to benefit from the results should make Sat Kriya a daily habit.

Sat Kriya and chakras

As we have already said in other articles about the chakras, they represent energy centers. The lower triangle chakras are involved in elimination and reduction and balance with the upper triangle chakras. Each chakra is a vision of the world, a perspective that organizes all our feelings, our thoughts and values, to satisfy the world and act in it.

Sat Kriya helps rebalance the lower triangle (the first 3 chakras). This lower triangle corresponds to the earliest stages of our human development. The first chakra is especially related to birth, childhood and fundamental security, being and belonging. By working on the lower triangle, you learn the power of excavating deep-seated wounds from our earliest years of life. That is why this practice is recommended to cure mental and psychological imbalances. Therefore, Sat Kriya is probably the best way to heal the psychic residue of improper training and severe childhood wounds.

The rhythmic contraction and relaxation practiced during this exercise produce waves of energy that heal the body. This technique raises the energy of the first three chakras through meditation obtained mainly in the breath.

Why Sat Kriya is good?

Sat Kriya is presented as an excellent option for those who have both physical and mental health problems. Through its practice, it favors general health because, during rhythmic movements, all internal organs are involved.

Discipline, consistency and a firm attitude are essential and essential to ensure that you get all the benefits.

People who suffer from anguish and mental disturbance are too involved in the lower triangle (the first 3 chakras), so the Sat Kriya exercise is ideal in these cases.

Sat Kriya activates and directs Kundalini’s energy to feed the entire organism and awaken consciousness.

This regular practice improves the functioning of the digestive system, tones the kidneys and releases fears.

Strengthens the entire nervous system, channeling energy and creating a more conscious vision of true identity.

Final advice

People with knee problems can sit on their heels but cross-legged to ease the pressure on the knees a bit. You should not drop your arms or allow your elbows to bend. It is important to learn to maintain the full trunk stretch to the fingertips and avoid fading to reap the full benefits. Do not allow the chest, shoulders and arms to move up and down while reciting the “SAT NAM.” Sat Kriya does not have to be the only Kundalini Yoga exercise practiced, but it guarantees a healthy, happy and optimal life when it becomes part of a daily practice.

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